Air Cannons!

Posted March 6, 2021

We experience the movement of air every day, from our home heating system all the way to wind and tornadoes. To learn more about how air can move and affect us, Mrs. Riggin worked with her Fifth Grade students to design and build an air cannon. The students built the cannons at home and tested and modified in class to measure their success. #STEMatSLS

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9th Annual STEM Night!

Posted February 7, 2021

The Ninth Annual SLS STEM Family Night brought together virtually over two hundred students and their parents to participate in a series of hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities. 

Balloon air poppers, paper airplanes, balloon-powered cars, coffee filter oysters and dynamic art designs using Scratch code were among the hands-on activities for all ages. Check out some photos and samples of work submitted by visiting the links below:


PreK Activity




Grade 1


Grade 2


Grade 3


Grade 4


Grade 5 - 8 Scratch projects

A great SLS "Thank You" to all the teachers who lead the virtual activities – we couldn’t do it without you! #BeaKnight #STEMatSLS @Archbaltschools

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AFCEA STEM Kickstarter Project Grant Award

Posted December 10, 2020

As part of St. Louis School’s continuing commitment to STEM education, we are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant under the AFCEA Central Maryland (CMD) STEM Kickstarter program for the second year in a row. AFCEA International, established in 1946, is a “non-profit membership association serving the military, government, industry, and academia as a forum for advancing professional knowledge and relationships in the fields of communications, information technology, intelligence, and security.”

The AFCEA Central Maryland Kickstarter program awards for initiatives in STEM-related disciplines. SLS received a grant for $4,949.25 and will be using the funds to purchase a class set of LEGO for Education Spike Prime sets (15). These sets will be used by Mrs. Whiteford with the Middle School students to continue to promote computer programming, critical thinking and complex problem solving. 

We would like to thank AFCEA Central Maryland (CMD),  Mr. David Fries, VP of Technology for the Board of Directors, and Mr. Kyle Cragg a school parent who is our AFCEA Central Maryland (CMD) liaison for the generous grant. #STEMatSLS

Teachers at Howard County Private Shcool Print Protective Masks for Front Line Workers

Posted June 19, 2020

We are proud of our amazing Technology teachers, Mrs. Whiteford and Mrs. Phelps for stepping up to help our front line workers. Thanks to our SLS community for so generously answering the call for help! #slsfamily#ArchBaltSchools #RiseAbove

Virtual STEM Challenge!

Posted March 22, 2020

Attention at home STEM engineers and makers of all ages! Your two technology teachers, Mrs. Whiteford and Mrs Phelps, miss seeing you so much that we have some STEM challenge suggestions for you to work on in your spare time. These challenges are optional but we would love to see what you can achieve. 


Check out this website, pick the materials you have available to you at home and then select a challenge. Please email us pictures ( and/or of your achievements by Friday, March 27th so we can showcase them to the whole community on our STEM blog next weekend.


Leprechaun Traps!

Posted March 22, 2020

Top 'o the morning! Can you build a trap to catch a leprechaun? Check out this STEM engineering challenge to help you. A huge thank you to Smart Chick and TeachersPayTeachers for the free download!

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Bouncing Pusheen Code!

Posted March 22, 2020

Good morning! As we adjust to a new reality, we hope this serves as an inspiration to put a smile on your face. This animation was created by Third Grader Gabriel using the Scratch programming language. Click on the link, press the green flag and enjoy!

What Can you do with a Cardboard Box?

Posted March 22, 2020

Nothing sparks a child's imagination quite like a cardboard box! Recently Mrs. Schell’s Kindergarten students put this theory to the test. For inspiration, they read the book “"What to do With a Box" by Jane Yolen and Chris Sheban and then the kids took it from there and were off and running!

Using the 4 C’s of STEM: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration, and Critical Thinking, the kids talked about what they might create with their boxes, planning and assembling supplies and brainstorming about how to make their creations. They spread out across the classroom and came up with the most amazing projects. Everything from a doll castle to the solar system, a race car to a spacesuit, and a bat cave to a buddy bench – the kids did a magnificent job! Oh, what fun!

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Alumni News - Winners of Cyber Challenge Competition!

Posted March 22, 2020

The St. Louis School community is so proud to see the success of SLS Class of 2017 alumni and Cyber STEM veterans. Way to Go Daniel and Michael!

Message to the Future

Posted March 22, 2020

In 1981, a group called the Human Interference Task Force (made up of scientists, artists, engineers, and anthropologists) met to come up with a solution to a very specific problem- how to warn future people away from areas that may contain radioactive waste material, which can remain dangerous for hundreds and thousands of years.

This week in art class, the 7th graders were presented with the same design challenge: how can we create a message for the distant future that doesn’t rely on written language, which can change dramatically over hundreds of years?

They had 30 minutes to design and present their warning systems to the rest of the class, who then offered some constructive feedback!

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Hands-on Computing!

Posted March 22, 2020

Computers are part of our everyday world, but do you know the individual parts of a computer? Thanks to a generous grant from AFCEA Central Maryland SLS Fifth Graders had the opportunity to build their own touchscreen tablets using educational kits from Kano Computing. Powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 computer, students connected power supplies, screens, USB ports, and other components to assemble a fully functional device. The next step for students is to complete training materials and tutorials and apply their programming skills to this new platform. St. Louis School would like to again thank AFCEA Central Maryland and Mr. Kyle Cragg for enabling our students to explore the hardware that powers our modern world. #STEMatSLS

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