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Python Christmas Tree Turtle Drawing Code

from turtle import *
def move_to( x, y ):
    setx( x )
    sety( y )
def draw_triangle( size ):
    color( 'black', 'green')
    setheading( 240 )
    for i in range( 0,3 ):
        forward( size )
        left( 120 )
def draw_circle( size, c_color ):
    color( 'black', c_color )
    circle( size )
def draw_star( size ):
    color( 'black', 'yellow' )
    setheading( 72 )
    for i in range( 0, 5 ):
        forward( size )
        right( 144 )
# Draw the tree
move_to( 50, -80 )
draw_triangle( 200 )
move_to( 50, 0 )
draw_triangle( 150 )
move_to( 50, 50 )
draw_triangle( 100 )
# Draw the star
move_to( 39, 40 )
draw_star( 40 )
# Draw the ornaments
move_to( 80, -40 )
draw_circle( 15, 'red' )
move_to( 20, -100 )
draw_circle( 15, 'blue' )
move_to( 100, -200 )
draw_circle( 15, 'purple' )
# Draw the message
move_to( -30, 100 )
write( "Merry Christmas!", font=( "Arial", 16, "bold" ) )

Maryland STEM Festival Event at SLS!

As part of our participation in the Maryland STEM Festival, St. Louis School hosted a Create & Code event this morning to showcase some fun STEM-related activities. We are grateful to all who turned out on this dreary day to brighten our morning. It sure was fun!

Thanks to Phil Rogofsky, Director of the Maryland STEM Festival for dropping by to visit and to our awesome STEM student-ambassadors for helping our guests jump right in. Be sure to visit for our next Open House on December 5th from 9:30 - 11:00 AM. We would love to meet you and show you around! with Maryland STEM Festival

Bat Crazy Third Graders!

For the past couple of weeks, our 3rd graders have been researching, reading, and writing about bats including their life cycles, wing parts, habitats, and other interesting facts, incorporating concepts and resources across Science, Language Arts, Social Studies and Library.

Faced with scenarios involving injured bats, students also had the chance to put their STEM skills to use with team collaboration, designing/planning, and building to solve three different design challenges under real-life constraints.

As you can tell - they loved it and did a Bat-tastic job! Thanks to Mrs. Cabrera for the engaging and fun lesson!

Decoding STEM

Our Cyber STEM group (Grades 4 through 8) participated in a field trip to the National Cryptologic Museum, where we learned about the history of code making and code breaking. A particular highlight was learning about how the Allies broke the Enigma code in World War Two. The students participated in a scavenger hunt that led them through the evolution of cryptology, including chalk symbols during the Depression, the use of Navajo soldiers in the military, simple ciphers, breaking Japanese codes, the role of encryption in WWII and an introduction to modern cryptology. You and your child may wish to visit the National Security Agency’s Crypto Kids web site at:

STEM Speaker Series Kickoff!

Archeology is not just about dinosaurs! This statement came from McKenzie “Mack” Corey, a Ph.D. candidate at Indiana University and the first speaker in this year’s St. Louis School Stem Speaker series. Mack talked with our Sixth Graders remotely as part of the Skype in the Classroom program. Our students learned about his background, his education, basic archeological techniques and the process of deciding where to dig. Mack also described how to examine the artifacts that may be found and how they help connect us to our history. We are thankful to Mackenzie Corey for spending more than an hour with our students, answering many relevant questions and encouraging them to continue pursuing careers in STEM. We would also like to thank Microsoft and their sponsorship of Skype in the classroom for the opportunity to learn from a variety of working STEM professionals. #BeaKnight 

Getting our STEM On!

The most effective learning never takes place in isolation. Students learn and retain more when multiple subject areas work together to present a subject. SLS teachers are committed to continuously improving and deepening their knowledge base to provide the best possible instruction.

Today, eight SLS teachers got up early on a weekend morning to attend an all-day STEM workshop at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis. Ms. Fries, Mrs. Ellerbrock, Mrs. Cabrera, Mrs. Riggin, Mrs. Yuska, Mrs. Whiteford, Mrs. Sacker and Mrs. Sutton spent the day learning about hydraulics, electric circuits, fundamental characteristics of sound, and how to effectively share that knowledge with St. Louis School students. The day culminated in an engineering design challenge requiring small teams to work together to design and build a mechanical sorter based on numeric rules. It was a day filled with creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and fun!

Create and Code at SLS

Looking for something fun to do with your kids on their day off? Families with children in grades PreK – 5th  are invited to join us for a morning of fun STEM-related activities! Drop-in to learn about robotics, augmented reality and have some fun with our green-screen technology, legos, and OSMOS! First 50 attendees will receive a special STEM giveaway! This event is free to the public.


Tuesday, November 6th from 9:30 am - 1:;00 am

Kindly register here so that we may have enough materials for all of our guests!

Ping Pong Zip Line STEM

Olivia participated in a STEM event hosted by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at the JHU Applied Physics Laboratory. Olivia engineered a ping pong zip line and had the fastest zip line creation, even faster than the one built by the SWE team! The engineer told Olivia to come back in 14 years to get a job as an engineer! #whereintheworldisStLouis @johnshopkinsapl @swetalk

Aqua Knights in the News!

The St. Louis School Aqua Knights robotics team is featured in the Baltimore Sun/Howard County Times this week. Thank you to all of our robotics coaches and parents who helped make this school year so successful.

Maryland STEM Festival Podcast

Take a few moments to listen to our STEM Coordinator, Mrs. Zulma Whiteford, as she talks about all things STEM-related at SLS and our participation in this years' Maryland STEM Festival! Thanks to Mrs. Whiteford for her passion and leadership and for engaging our students with creativity and collaboration! #STEMatSLS Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic Schools

Narwhals at Catholic Robotics League Expo!

Summer is here and school is not in session, but we continue to highlight some of the great activities and accomplishments of our students during the past year.

Earlier in May, the Einstein Narwhals participated in the Catholic Robotics League (CRL) Expo at Baltimore Robotics Center in Timonium. The team shared their project, their experiences at the World Championship, ran their robot program as part of the competition and assisted with judging. A huge thank you to coach Anne Reed and team member Maggie Reed for offering their expertise with judging. It was an engaging and fun morning of competition with our fellow Archdiocesan teams. We look forward to many more!

Photo credit: Christopher Robinson


Can You Break Out?

Ms. Frederick’s Fifth Graders have been studying the events leading up to the American Revolution. They learned that spies and secret messages were common place while colonists decided which side of the Atlantic their allegiance fell. They put their “spy” sense to work today figuring out clues and secret messages in prime resources from that time period. The students loved working as a team to find missing papers they needed to, “Breakout!”