5th Annual STEM Family Fun Night

As a part of our Catholic Schools Week celebrations, we hosted our 5th Annual Family STEM Night this week and it was a blast! The Science Guys of Baltimore did not disappoint and the students loved learning about science in a fun and dynamic way. In our classroom activities we did some great team building while learning about electrical conductivity with LED critters, engineering with a balloon tower challenge, force and motion with catapults, and worked on building our creativity by making our own STEM Superheros!
A great big shout-out to our FIRST Lego League Teams: Buddy Bacon Builders and Harmless Hunters for presenting their skills to the crowd. Best of luck to Harmless Hunters who will be competing in their qualifier on Saturday Afternoon at APL.

Lastly a great by SLS "Thank You" to all the teachers and staff who stayed to help out – we couldn’t do it without you!


Calculating Success

As part of a Linear Function Unit, Mrs. Briskey's Eighth Grade Algebra class creates scatter plots and finds the equation for the line of best fit using graphing calculators. Familiarity with these calculators will be a critical skill in High School.

Cyber STEM!

CyberSTEM. Club members began building robots and started the planning process for programming and animating their actions this week. We look forward to seeing what our creative and capable engineers produce!

3D Printed Cow Shoes?

Take a look at our student's 3-D design that helped them to take first place in their FIRST Lego League qualifier! They are now preparing for the state competition and we are so proud! Go Knights!

Bunny Bacon Builders

SLS takes 1st Place overall in the FIRST Lego League Competition!! Congratulations to this dedicated group of students and coaches! Thank you to the team sponsor Vanguard Orthodontics and Dr. Bonebreak for their support. Now we move on to states...Go Knights!

Future Engineer

What does an Eighth Grade future engineer do to wind down after a midterm exam? Build a model of a shark, of course!

Dematha Math Competition

Congratulations to our 8th grade Math team who, under the leadership and instruction of Ms. Dottie Peterson took first place in the 43rd annual Our Lady of Good Counsel High School Math Competition! These students not only excelled as a team, placing first out of twelve schools, but several of our team members excelled personally, taking 1st, 2nd and 4th place out of all the students participating. We are extremely proud of this bright and hard-working group. Ms. Peterson remarked that she was even more nervous awaiting the results then when watching her beloved Steelers play! Congratulations all around!


The Spotlight On Strategies series (CDN subscribers) is one of Discovery Education’s most popular resources. First introduced 2012, these strategies help teachers use media in effective and engaging ways in their classrooms.

The best part about the SOS is that they are flexible and can be used across grade levels and content areas. We are excited for our SOS Story: a new SOS series that spotlights teachers showing off how they have put the SOS to work in their classrooms.

Read about Mrs. Yuska's experience in the classroom below:



Extreme Weather

Ms. Burr’s 6th grade students recently completed an Earth Science unit on extreme weather. For their corresponding science lab they were challenged to build a hurricane hut that could withstand the forces of nature: wind, water, and in this case, peer intimidation! The “Burricane” project proved to be a great success and the students had a blast! Thanks Ms. Burr for making science so fun!

Tectonic Plates

With the recent earthquakes in Oklahoma and Italy, Mrs. Riggin seized the opportunity to teach our 5th grade students about tectonic plates with a creative, hands-on activity demonstrating this incredible and destructive force of nature. The students’ experimented with Lego structures built upon a fabricated tectonic plate, simulating an earthquake to determine the strength of their buildings. They changed the height and footprint of their structures over several trials and recorded their findings. Thanks, Mrs. Riggin, for always making science relevant and creative!

Maryland Stem Festival 2016

Check out these green screen photos from our Maryland Stem Festival 2016 event!













Create and Code at SLS-Maryland STEM Festival Event

HCPSS friends – Are you looking for something fun to do on your day off? St. Louis School invites families with children in grades PreK – 5th grade to join us for a morning of STEM-related activities on Monday, November 7th at 10AM.

Drop-in and have some fun with interactive green-screen technology, robotics, and Legos! See our 3D printers in action and learn to code with Ozobots. Our current X-STEM Ambassadors will lead the various activities and attendees will go home with one of their creations! This event is free to the public. Registration is required.