Ozobot Time!

Posted November 2, 2023

Mrs. Phelps' First Grade engineers are taking their coding skills to a whole new level! They've embarked on an exciting journey of creating programming cards to introduce the fascinating world of Ozobot. 

Ozobot, a tiny self-propelled robot, can read colored line combinations and respond with cool actions. For example, a blue-green-blue sequence tells it to speed up, while a blue-red-blue sequence signals a 180-degree turn. It's an incredible hands-on experience that's sparking creativity and STEM exploration in our students. #STEMatSLS

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Halloween STEM!

Posted November 2, 2023
Our SLS students took Halloween to a whole new level with spine-tingling STEM activities! From constructing bone bridges to designing bug traps, building towers of Babel and delving into Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart," they wove science and spookiness together.
Measuring candy, creating spider webs, and so much more - our students put their STEM skills to the test while having a blast. It was the perfect fusion of learning and Halloween fun! #STEMatSLS
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Board Game Math

Posted May 18, 2023

Mrs. Spera’s sixth grade math class completed a long-term STEM project this week. Students were challenged to create a new math game from old game boards and pieces. This included creating math problems that aligned with each chapter that was studied throughout the year. Each group designed their board and box to promote the theme of their game, then collaborated to create a complete manual outlining game rules and procedures. Students produced and enthusiastically played Math Kingdom, Outer Banks Math, ToonTown’s Math Adventures, Abracadabra Arithmetic, and Zombie Apocalypse. What a great way to promote math skills while having fun with peers! #STEMatSLS

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Seeking Alternative Energy Solutions!

Posted May 17, 2023
Our Fifth Grade student engineers took on a STEM challenge focused on finding alternative energy sources to replace fossil fuels. One such source is wind energy, which is renewable and abundantly available. But here's the question: How do people in rural countries, without access to the national grid, harness wind energy?
Our students were tasked with designing a wind turbine that could harness the power of the wind to lift or move objects. Throughout our lessons, they learned about the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources. They even completed a virtual lab to discover the optimal design for a wind turbine to generate electricity.
To wrap up their exploration of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources, the students were presented with an engineering STEM challenge. Working in groups, they put their knowledge and creativity to the test to design and build their very own wind turbine prototypes. Through this process, they also discussed the practical applications of their designs in our world to continue to develop a more sustainable future. Well done, fifth grade!


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Exploring Nature's Wonders

Posted May 11, 2023
Exploring Nature's Wonders!
Today, the Fifth Grade class had an inspiring field trip to the Robinson Nature Center in Columbia! Their adventure took them on a journey of discovery, where they delved into the mysteries of Earth, Moon, and Sun. It was a day filled with awe, knowledge, and hands-on experiences that will stay with them forever.
One of the highlights was the visit to the planetarium, where they embarked on a celestial voyage. They learned how the Earth, Moon, and Sun work in harmony, bringing warmth to our planet and illuminating the moon's surface. It was a breathtaking experience that expanded their understanding of the vast universe they call home.
They also explored the natural wonders of the outdoors through an invigorating hiking trip. Guided by knowledgeable instructors, they learned about various plants, their significance in nature, and even discovered essential survival skills for living without modern technologies.
In the classroom, they delved into history as they examined intriguing artifacts. Their challenge was to determine which group of people—whether the first people, woodlands Native Americans, colonists, or modern individuals—used these artifacts. It was like being detectives, piecing together clues from the past to unravel the stories of those who came before them. It truly brought history to life!
A heartfelt thank you goes to the Fifth Grade team,, Mrs. Benzing, Ms. Conaghan, and Ms. Rossi, for planning and organizing this enriching and fun-filled experience..
Today, they not only learned about the wonders of nature and history but also created cherished memories and lasting friendships. It was a day of exploration, growth, and a reminder of the incredible world they inhabit.
To learn more about the Robinson Nature Center visit:
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Posted May 6, 2023
A portion of our STEM budget at St. Louis School comes from grants, allowing us to provide students with amazing hands-on learning experiences through state-of-the-art equipment and software.
Last night, our school had the honor of celebrating our fourth STEM Kickstarter grant award at the prestigious AFCEA Annual Awards Night held at the beautiful Turf Valley Resort. It was a night filled with inspiration and recognition of our student's achievements.
During the event, our Eighth Grade STEM Ambassadors took the stage and showcased the outstanding capabilities of the Garmin eTrex10 handheld GPS devices. These devices were purchased with the grant proceeds, and they will play a crucial role in our geocaching challenges across the school grounds.
Geocaching is not only an exciting adventure, but it also helps our students develop practical skills such as map reading, navigation, and problem-solving. The audience was captivated as our ambassadors demonstrated the power of GPS technology and explained its impact on our daily lives.
Mrs. Whiteford was thrilled to share the grant award recipient stage with Mrs. Amy Brunner, Computer Science and Engineering Department Chair at Archbishop Spalding High School.
We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to AFCEA Central Maryland (CMD) for their continued support of our teachers, students, and the growth of our STEM program. Their generosity enables us to provide exceptional learning opportunities that shape our students into tomorrow's innovators.
To learn more about our outstanding STEM program and the fantastic work our students are doing, visit our website at Stay tuned for more updates on our STEM journey! Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic Schools
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Earth Day!

Posted April 7, 2023

Happy Earth Day, St. Louis School community! Today we celebrate the importance and meaning of taking care of God's gift to us - our beautiful planet Earth. As a school, we have made great strides in our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint. For example, in the past year, we implemented the use of water bottles with our water filling stations, which has already saved more than 63,865 plastic water bottles from being thrown away. This is a small but important step towards sustainability, and we are proud to do our part in protecting our planet for generations to come. Let's continue to work together to make a positive impact on our environment, today and every day.

Earth Day Activities

Posted April 7, 2023

This past week, St. Louis students prepared for Earth Day by engaging in a variety of activities. School-wide, students made pledges to take action and care for our environment, and engaged in cross-curricular activities to learn more about the impact of our actions. The third grade read "Just a Dream" by Chris Van Allsburg, which inspired them to imagine a better future if we take care of our planet. They also made God posters in Religion class to remind us of the gift of creation. PreK students got creative and recycled toilet paper tubes into bird feeders using allergy-friendly materials. We also read "Ten Things I Can Do To Help My World" and learned practical ways to make a difference. As we look forward to the rest of the year, let's continue to work together to make our world a better place for generations to come! #EarthDay

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Fun with Augmented Reality

Posted April 5, 2023

First-grade students had an incredible experience in Mrs. Phelps' computer class. They got to use the Quiver app and experience Augmented Reality firsthand! With the Quiver app, coloring pages come to life, creating an immersive and engaging experience for learners of all ages. This fun and educational technology is a fantastic way to combine physical coloring with augmented reality, making learning magical. We are thrilled to see our students enjoying technology in such an innovative way.

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Science of Rollerskating

Posted April 4, 2023

Our Seventh Graders had a blast on their STEM field trip to Skate Zone Crofton! They started the day learning about friction, reverse engineering a skate, and calculating the skating rink's area. After a delicious pizza lunch, they spent the afternoon enjoying skating fun! A huge shoutout to the Skate Zone staff for making the day educational and engaging. And a special thanks to Mrs. Ellerbrock, Ms. Duff, Mrs. Riser, and Mrs. Whiteford for organizing this amazing event! #STEMatSLS

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Reaching for the Stars

Posted April 1, 2023

Ms. Rossi's fifth graders are reaching for the stars in our space and solar system unit! The students have been exploring the wonders of the universe and discussing the stars and constellations. But it's not just talk, they've put their knowledge into action. Each student looked at the month they were born and found the constellation they would see based on the season they were born in the Northern Hemisphere - Taurus, Draco, Serpens, or Cassiopeia. Then, using their previous knowledge of building circuits, they got their constellations to light up and shine bright! #STEMatSLS

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Iditarod Dash Challenge

Posted March 31, 2023
Despite the chilly weather, Fourth Grade students in Mrs. Whiteford's computer class fearlessly took on the Iditarod STEM Challenge using Wonder Workshop Dash robots, showing off their engineering skills in a fun and educational way.
These young engineers used the engineering design process to create a sled that would carry their Fischer Price musher, pulled by the Dash robot. Not only did they learn about the history of the race and the challenges the participants face, but they also got to put their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to the test. The teams were timed, and the students will calculate the speed of the fastest robot in their next computer class. Congrats to all the students who participated in this fun and educational challenge! #STEMatSLS #AOBCatholicSchools


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