Thanksgiving STEM!

Today's school-wide Thanksgiving STEM event was a remarkable journey filled with creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and, most importantly, gratitude! From giving thanks in mass to unleashing our creativity in various STEM challenges, we celebrated the spirit of Thanksgiving in style!
Our day was jam-packed with engaging activities like making fall slime, building boats for the Pilgrims, flying turkeys, creating floats for the Macy's Parade, foil boats, turkey balloon races, exploring turkey feathers, diving into Egyptian geometry, crafting paper rollercoasters, facing the Wind Power Challenge, and getting hands-on with Turkey Gak! The school transformed into a hub of innovation and fun, and the energy was truly infectious!
As we head into Thanksgiving break, let's carry the spirit of gratitude, creativity, and collaboration with us. Wishing everyone a joyful and restful holiday season!