FLL State Championship at UMBC!

The St. Louis School community wishes the best of luck to our two FIRST LEGO League teams, who are competing at the Maryland State Championship this weekend at UMBC. Come join us tomorrow starting at Noon to cheer on the the Einstein Narwhals and the Sludge Buddies. GO KNIGHTS!

If you are interested in watching the Maryland State Tournament Live this Saturday:

Spanish Geometry?

How do you make 3 dimensional objects from 2 dimensional shapes en Español? On Friday, First Grade students took on the challenge with some assistance from several Third Graders. The students spent part of the morning navigating through centers where they engaged in various practices to review the shapes in Spanish, then built those shapes using materials like Play-Doh, craft sticks and paper. It was an engaging morning full of engineering, collaboration and critical thinking. A huge thank you to Mrs. Courtney, Mrs. Coyle, Mrs. Vicendese and Mr. Hughes for planning this activity.

Expanding our World!

Cyber STEM students are taking on a new challenge!

Our new VEX IQ robot kits arrived on Tuesday and students have already begun assembling the "ClawBots," a robotics platform used by many high schools. After assembly and checkout, students will program these robots to interact with the environment and solve increasingly difficult challenges.


The Tale of the Exploding Peat Moss

Seventh grade is currently studying asexual reproduction in Life Science. One method of asexual reproduction that many organisms use is the releasing of spores. Mrs. Yuska asked the students how they thought the spores were released and how were they able to be carried by the wind. After some lively discussion, educated guessing, and more questioning, Mrs. Yuska showed them the video "The Secretly Speedy Life of Plants - The Tale of the Exploding Peat Moss". When the video ended they continued their discussion with a hands-on activity, building vortex cannons. The air pressure released by the cannons is similar to the air pressure release that moss capsules produce when they release their spores. The students were able to build and modify their cannons to produce the most force for launching our pretend spores - ping pong balls and cotton balls.


Snow Removal STEM Fun!

Despite the lack of snow in Maryland this year, SLS Cyber STEM students were challenged to design and build a snowplow out of index cards, attach it to an Ozobot robot, and program the robot to navigate a simulated town while removing snow. Students watched a MythBusters Discovery Education video that demonstrated various plow designs, then worked in teams to design and build their own plow. Once their plow was built, each team planned out a path using Ozobot programming color codes for direction, speed, timers, exits and more. Teams are now using the engineering refinement process to try out a design, observe how well it works, then modify and improve their design and code to increase the amount of snow each plow can remove!

Third Grade Engineers

Today, 3rd grade math students put their engineering skills to the test! Students worked together to solve multiplication problems while building towers using a limited number of resources. Critical thinking was the name of the game, and they rose to the challenge!


6th Annual STEM Family Fun Night!

As a part of our Catholic Schools Week celebration, we hosted our 6th Annual Family STEM Night. Eric Energy did not disappoint and had the crowd excited and engaged. We did some fun activities In our classrooms making balloon powered cars and loop flyers while learning about aerodynamics and wind-power along the way. Our three FIRST Lego League teams kicked-off the night demonstrating their programming skills and did an awesome job! We congratulate them on their success in the FLL competition and wish them the best of luck as they move forward to the state competition. As always, we are grateful to our parent coaches and the students for their dedication and cannot wait to see what is next! Lastly a great by SLS "Thank You" to all the teachers and staff who stayed to help out – we couldn’t do it without you!

Balloon powered car fun!

Mrs. Riggin ready to facilitate one of our STEM activities tonight at the 6th Annual SLS STEM Family Fun Night!

STEM Family Night!

Come learn from our award-winning FIRST LEGO League teams at 6:30 PM, be part of Eric Energy’s Science Spectacular at 7:00 PM, followed by series of age-appropriate hands-on STEM activities in our classrooms. Don’t miss the opportunity to win a 3D pen, a LEGO set or a hydraulic building kit.

Sludge Buddies visit local farm to prepare for FLL Maryland State competition

SLS FIRST Lego League preparation for the Maryland State competition continues! On Monday, the Sludge Buddies visited a local farm to present their project and gather more ideas on water reclamation in agriculture. In exchange, they learned about new methods that farmers are using to sustain production while protecting the environment. Many thanks to Mr. Tom Cunningham and his team at Mary's Land Farm for an educational and enjoyable visit!

STEM Family Night!

As part of our Catholic Schools Week celebration, all parents and students are invited to attend the sixth annual St. Louis School STEM Family Fun night. Come visit us in the cafeteria on Thursday, February 1 from 7:00-8:30pm. The event is open to all school families and will consist of a one-hour show featuring Eric Energy followed by an age appropriate STEM activity in the classroom. We encourage all families to attend and look forward to seeing you there! As a bonus for early birds, the doors will open at 6:30pm, when you will be able to see a robotics demonstration from our First Lego League (FLL) Robotics teams.


The Sludge Buddies are headed to the State Championship!

Congratulations to the SLS FLL team the “Sludge Buddies” who won Third Place Champion Award and qualified to compete at the Maryland State Championship! A huge thank you to the parent coaches Luke Frank, Astrid Connors and Mike Blackwood. Way to Go Knights!