Maryland Stem Festival 2016

Check out these green screen photos from our Maryland Stem Festival 2016 event!













Create and Code at SLS-Maryland STEM Festival Event

HCPSS friends – Are you looking for something fun to do on your day off? St. Louis School invites families with children in grades PreK – 5th grade to join us for a morning of STEM-related activities on Monday, November 7th at 10AM.

Drop-in and have some fun with interactive green-screen technology, robotics, and Legos! See our 3D printers in action and learn to code with Ozobots. Our current X-STEM Ambassadors will lead the various activities and attendees will go home with one of their creations! This event is free to the public. Registration is required.


Are you as Tough as a Polar Bear?

Our 2nd grade students recently paired-up with our 6th graders for a fun science lab to see how a polar bear survives in the arctic. They donned some rubber gloves and tested their tolerance for the cold as they plunged their little hands in ice water and timed themselves. On round two, they coated their gloved hand with blubber (Crisco), re-gloved their hands and tried it again. These kiddos are tough...some lasting over 4 minutes in the frigid temperatures! Great collaboration and teamwork!

Thanks to the dynamic teaching duo of Mrs. Anacker and Ms. Burr for a fun and informative science lesson!


Our Ocean

Mrs. Yuska's 7th grade class is virtually attending the "Our Ocean" Conference in Washington DC today. learning about what the world leaders are doing, and what we all can do, to preserve and protect our oceans. Our students have been able to ask many questions through the live Twitter feed of the event, including: How are anti-pollution laws enforced on the water ways? What is more harmful - the trash or the CO2? Do we know how many Dead Zones there are? Where does most of garbage that reaches the sea originate? Is it possible to add oxygen to the hypoxia areas of the ocean?
Thanks to Discovery Education for this great opportunity! Don’t forget to ask your children all about it when they get home! #OurOceans #OfThePeople


Our students were introduced to their new Chromebooks this year giving them another tool in their educational arsenal that will enable them to design and create content.

Changes in Motion

Mrs. Yuska’s 8th Grade students are currently learning about Force and Motion. In this activity, the students worked in groups to design investigations that demonstrated at least two methods for changing the speed only, the direction only, and both direction and speed of a moving object using their background knowledge of speed, velocity, and acceleration. They were provided with a golf ball and a table full of various materials such as toy car race tracks, tape, sand, rulers, aluminum foil, and pie tins, just to name a few. The enthusiasm, excitement, and creativity the students showed resulted in some ingenious designs! Check out our video:

Rollercoaster STEM Fun

Physics has many fun real-world applications, including how amusement park rollercoasters can scare you while still remaining safe. The Eighth Grade girls had the opportunity to build rollercoasters in miniature and test them with our Second Grade audience. They began the afternoon by exploring Discovery Education resources then employed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) knowledge and tools to create functional rollercoasters made of cardstock, tape and marbles. Who knew that engineering could be so much fun?

4th Howard County STEM Festival

A virtual mad scientist’s laboratory, 3D design and printing and color sensing robots were among a few of the things our students showcased at the St. Louis School booth as part of the 4th Annual Howard County STEM Festival. A huge thank you to our teachers, volunteer parents and students who helped make this event a success.

4th Howard County STEM Festival

Join St. Louis School at the 4th Howard County STEM Festival tomorrow, Sunday, June 5th from 1:00 to 5:00 at Howard Community College. St. Louis will be exhibiting in Room CL162. The event is free and fun for all ages!

Applied Physics Laboratory, BioEYES, Institute of Electrical and
Electronics Engineers, MITRE, Corporation, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Nature’s ChemisTreat, STEMaction, WBAL television station, & Women in Engineering are just a few of the over 80 presenters for this event.

Knights Excelling in Science

Last night we held our Knights Excelling in Science Showcase and it was awesome! Our 4-8th grade students volunteered to present various projects and demonstrations on everything from Careers in Earth Science to answering the age-old question of whether boys or girls have faster reflexes. We were proud to demonstrate our Board Builder and 3-D printing skills, along with exploring states of matter and what color Gobstoppers has a greater density. (Did we tell you how FUN our teachers are?)
Congratulations to our many student presenters for their hard work. You made us proud and we hope you had as much fun as it looks like you did from these pictures! A great BIG SLS thank you to our awesome Science team of Ms. Burr, Mrs. Manion, Mrs. Riggin and our fearless leader, Mrs. Yuska, for sharing their time, talent and passion for Science with our students!
Thank you to the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Discovery Education and STEAMtrax for supporting our Science initiatives!


Celebrating the Earth

This week Pre-K learned all about the 3 R's...Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to protect Mother Earth. All three classes worked together at many centers exploring things found in nature, making items with recycled good and bowling with milk containers that were saved from lunch. They had a blast setting up and getting through their recycled obstacle course, too!

Stay tuned for next week when we will do different Science experiments every day!


Our Kindergarten students did a little experimenting with gravity this afternoon, taking on the challenge of knocking an egg off of a pedestal and plate so that it would land in a glass of water. The students predicted the results, charting their answers for comparison. Then everyone watched as our two scientists took a “crack” at it! While not successful on the first try, the kids had a great time figuring out how to “tweak” the approach until the egg fell. Very fun!