Seeking Alternative Energy Solutions!

Our Fifth Grade student engineers took on a STEM challenge focused on finding alternative energy sources to replace fossil fuels. One such source is wind energy, which is renewable and abundantly available. But here's the question: How do people in rural countries, without access to the national grid, harness wind energy?
Our students were tasked with designing a wind turbine that could harness the power of the wind to lift or move objects. Throughout our lessons, they learned about the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources. They even completed a virtual lab to discover the optimal design for a wind turbine to generate electricity.
To wrap up their exploration of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources, the students were presented with an engineering STEM challenge. Working in groups, they put their knowledge and creativity to the test to design and build their very own wind turbine prototypes. Through this process, they also discussed the practical applications of their designs in our world to continue to develop a more sustainable future. Well done, fifth grade!