Dash Winter Olympics

St. Louis School Third Graders may not be at the Olympics, but they held their very own competitive sporting event! Thanks to a collaborative effort between Computer, Library, Math, and ELA class, the students researched their assigned sport and country, then programmed the Wonder Workshop Dash robots to perform the appropriate actions for each sport. The students also measured the speed of the robot by dividing the distance traveled by the time it took to complete the action. The results showed that the robots move at about 1 foot per second! The event included an Opening Ceremony and the teams demonstrated terrific sportsmanship. A big shoutout to AFCEA Central Maryland (CMD) for supporting our STEM program through their generous grant making the purchase of these robots possible. Thank you to Mrs. Whiteford, Mrs. Ellerbrock, Mrs. Sutton, Ms. Gunn, Mrs. Benton, and Mrs. Frances Thomas for their support of this fun and engaging lesson.