Ozobot and Map Skills Fun!

First Grade engineers expanded their map skills using Ozobot robots in class led by Mrs. Vicendece, Ms. Thomas, and Mrs. Phelps. The Ozobot, a mouse-sized self-propelled robot, is capable of reading colored line combinations and performing corresponding actions. For instance, a blue-green-blue sequence indicates move faster while a blue-red-blue sequence means turn 180 degrees. In Computer Class, First Graders learned how to program the Ozobot robot using these color codes.
In ELA, students read the book Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper and were challenged to use their time sequencing skills to put the events of the story in chronological order. After they completed this successfully, they were given pictures from the story to arrange in that same sequential order, creating a map for the Ozobot to follow as they retold the story. Students used the appropriate color sequences for the Ozobot to follow, changing speed and direction to traverse the map in the proper order. They worked in groups and did an excellent job communicating, collaborating and problem-solving to create each color sequence to cause the Ozobot to move successfully around the map. Who knew learning map skills could be so much fun? #STEMatSLS