Can you break the code?

We use cryptography every day when shopping on the Internet, making a cell phone call, or login in to check our email. To get a better understanding of the history of cryptography, St. Louis School Cyber STEM Club students went on a field trip to the National Cryptologic Museum
A particular highlight was learning about how the Allies broke the Enigma code in World War Two. The students participated in a scavenger hunt that lead them through the evolution of cryptology, including the use of Navajo soldiers in the military, simple ciphers, breaking Japanese codes, the role of encryption in WWII, and an introduction to modern cryptology.
We would like to thank the staff and volunteers at the museum for their time and expertise.
You and your child may wish to visit the National Cryptologic Foundation website to learn more about the topic.#STEMatSLS Archdiocese of Baltimore Catholic Schools