A "Carnival" like no other!

SLS Biomedical STEM Camp was all about discovery, learning, AND fun! During the week, the campers enjoyed two rounds of Biomedical Jeopardy to demonstrate what they learned during the camp and to engage in healthy competition against other teams. Who was John Snow? What is the epidemiologic triangle? These were just a few of the winning questions during SLS Biomedical Jeopardy competition!

On Friday, the campers had more fun and competed for Giant Microbe prizes at the 1st Annual Infectious Disease Carnival! They learned about the opportunities for and obstacles to vaccination for measles (easy), influenza (medium to difficult), and MRSA (extremely difficult, as no vaccine currently exists). They also putted for a viral pandemic, where they tried to overcome the “hazards” of sanitation, hygiene, and vaccination in order to hit a pandemic target. Lastly, they simulated the jumping of viruses from animals to humans. All in all, it was a great way to incorporate learning in a carnival atmosphere!