Physicians on the Frontline

We wrapped up the inaugural year of our BIomedical STEM Camp last week and have lots to share.

Aside from some great interactive experiments and challenges, the Biomedical Campers were visited by two guest speakers who gave them unique perspectives on the roles of physicians in maintaining the health of patients and populations. On Thursday, CDR Matt Bradley, a trauma/critical care surgeon in the US Navy and a St. Louis School parent, kicked off the day with an informative description of his work in the operating room of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, as well as on some very special humanitarian missions of the US military to South America and Puerto Rico. Two lucky students got a feel for what it's like for a surgeon to get dressed for work every day!

On Friday, the students were visited by CAPT Paul Reed, a former US Navy physician and current US Public Health Service Officer, who shared his experiences and perspectives on a deployment to West Africa in 2014-2015 to help contain the Ebola outbreak.

We are deeply grateful for our guests this week who provided the campers with many insights to the opportunities for careers in science and medicine.