The Great Duck Project!

One of the core tenets of STEM education is collaboration. SLS students are collaborating with individuals around the world to build the world’s largest 3D-printed duck. The duck, to be unveiled at the Westport (Connecticut) Maker Faire on Saturday, April 27th, will consist of more than 475 pieces and reach six feet in height. Organizers used computer software to design the duck and divide it into manageable pieces that could be produced by ordinary 3D printers.

SLS applied to participate and was selected to produce two pieces on our new Dremel printers. Each of the two Third Grade homerooms were chosen to produce one of the pieces, where students watched it print and made guesses as to where it belongs in the overall duck design.

The completed pieces are now in the mail and on the way to the project organizers.

To learn more about the project visit: #BeaKnight#STEMatSLS