Cookies anyone?

3D printing empowers individuals to design something and bring it to life as a tangible, physical item. SLS is bringing this power to our students in Computer Class as early as in Third Grade.

Developing 3D design skills incorporates imagination, critical thinking, spatial awareness and an the trial-and-error nature of engineering. Our curriculum makes these concepts understandable to the students at the appropriate grade level.

As part of this effort, each SLS Fourth Grader designed a cookie cutter using an online application called TinkerCad. A representative design was printed on our new Dremel 3D printers, allowing each Fourth Graders to take a cookie cutter home.

One Fourth Grader, in particular, was so enamored with the cutter that she used it to make a batch of sugar cookies, decorated for Valentine’s Day. We are so happy to see our STEM program is motivating students to take action on their own initiative!