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Final Fall Cyber STEM Challenge

The Fall Session of our CyberSTEM After School program came to a close this week with an engaging and fun cup-stacking challenge held in the Science Lab. Each student was randomly assigned to a group and instructed to work collaboratively to design and build the tallest free-standing tower in 20 minutes or less using 100 Solo cups. Lots of cheering and cup crashing sounds ultimately led to a tie between two teams, each with a tower measuring 92 inches in height.

During the course of our Fall Session, the 50 CyberSTEM participants were introduced to the Python programming language, turtle drawing features, math formulas, cryptology and hexadecimal notation. They also took a field trip to the National Electronics Museum (NEM) in Linthicum where they learned about the history of electronics and its application to communications and national defense.

We are looking forward to our CyberSTEM Spring Session, where we will develop additional coding skills and explore robotics.