We Live in a Material World!

Have you ever stopped to think about the physical materials that make our modern world?

Today, students and teachers at St. Louis School had the privilege to learn from Dr. Angela Moran, a Materials Engineer at the U.S. Naval Academy. Dr. Moran shared her passion for engineering through a series of hands-on activities and made connections to many real-life examples drawn from her experiences in the Navy. She stressed the importance of seeing failures in a positive way, as learning experiences and a way to test out improvements. . Dr. Moran also impressed upon the students the importance of following your passions, working hard and doing your best at what you love.

After the presentation and a question-and-answer session, she met with a small group of students interested in the STEM fields where she shared anecdotes and answered questions one-on-one. We would like to thank Dr. Moran and the USA Science & Engineering Festival Nifty Fifty program for this memorable learning opportunity.