Seventh Grade Engineers

St. Louis School strives to provide opportunities for students to find their passion. This past school year seven students in seventh grade found a common bond in game design and programming. Originally organized by Andrew, this group collectively desired on a goal, identified tasks, assigned individuals to perform those tasks and devoted free time during lunch to create an engage in a demonstration of programming skill. The team chose the scratch programming language, created at Massachusetts Institute if Technology to bring their ideas to life. Mark was the lead programmer who helped turned raw ideas into a reality on the computer screen. The concept of he game, Lone Survivor is to help guide a castaway through a series of challenges. The ending to the game remains unwritten; the team is seeking input from beta testers on satisfying ways to complete the game.


You can play the game by visiting


And please fill out the Google Form below if you have a constructive idea on what should happen once the Lone survivor enters the cave.


Have fun!

Digital Storytelling

Everyone loves a good story. Second graders learned how to be good storytellers by selecting a story, illustrating it and narrating it using the Pixntell EDU App. Their audience were wide eyed first graders who enjoyed the digital storytelling time.

Frog dissections

Seventh Graders finished out the year learning about aquatic anatomy.

Volcanoes in the Classroom?

Sixth graders learned about volcanoes, magma, the mechanism of eruptions how lava flows to form new land. They worked I teams to research volcanoes around the world created a model and simulated eruption using common household products. Each research group presented their findings to the class and discussed the dangers of living near active volcanoes.

Sixth Grade Students Under Pressure

St. Louis School students participated in an experiment designed by the Mount Saint Joseph High School Physics Department to demonstrate the scientific principles of the Thermodynamic Gas Law. Students used Alka Seltzer tablets as a gas generator for small rockets and observed behavior at various temperatures. For a few moments this afternoon there were gas rockets flying all over the St. Louis Science Lab! We would like to thank Mount Saint Joseph High School for providing a wonderful educational and enjoyable experience for our students.

St. Louis at the USA Science and Engineering Festival

So proud of our students as they explained and demonstrated projects that they had worked on for many months. The festival provided a venue for them to meet their peers and many adults who showed an interest in their work. A big thank you to the parents who volunteered to staff the booth and to the parents who brought their children to the festival to see and experience the many opportunities the festival provides. We will be back again tomorrow from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center Hall "A" Booth #1249. Hope to see you there!

Second Grade Visits a Sustainable Egg Farm

On Thursday our Second Grade took part in a virtual field trip to Pearl Valley Egg Farm! Students watched and listened as the farm owners, Dave and Ben Thompson, gave a live tour of the farm. Cameras installed in various locations showed all of the different parts of the farm, everything from the feed to the chicks to the hens and even to the Coop Poop that is fertilizer made from the hen's waste - all aspects of the operation were shown and explained. Students also learned about many of the different jobs that are needed to keep a self-sustaining farm working. The tour was especially meaningful because Dave Thompson was a first grade teacher who became interested in egg farming after years of hatching chicks in his classroom. You can learn more about the owners at: The link below is a follow-up to the tour, a farm-to-table journey brought to you by The Education Station at Discovery Education. Enjoy!

Robotics at St. Louis School

Teaching code to elementary and middle school students can be a key component in sparking curiosity and problem-solving skills, potentially leading to career choices in science and engineering that will help address the challenges facing our planet. After sixteen weeks of work across two academic sessions, the students in our after school program demonstrated their robot coding accomplishments by completing a number of increasingly difficult challenges. Visit our booth #1249 at the USA Science and Engineering Festival on Saturday, April 26th and Sunday, April 27th. It is difficult to convey the excitement and enthusiasm of the students, so we thought we would do it through a video compilation of clips. Enjoy and please feel free to "Share" on your wall for others to enjoy as well.

X-STEM Symposium

Our X-STEM student ambassadors spent the day listening and learning from experts and professionals in the fields of science, engineering and mathematics today. St. Louis students are now preparing to serve as hosts at our booth this weekend where they will showcase some of their coding and LEGO robotics work. Join us at the USA Science and Engineering Festival and stop by booth #1249. To learn more about the festival visit:

PreK Science Exploration Day

Getting our students excited about science is important at St. Louis School and our youngest students are no exception! Today was our Pre-K Science Exploration Day and it was AWESOME! Our students had a blast watching chemical reactions at our "Oh No Volcano" station, created “Cloud Jars” to watch homemade rain fall, and made their very own Slime to take home! There were lots of other hands-on experiments to pique their interests and get them excited about science. Thanks to our wonderful Pre-K team of Ms. Zupkus, Ms. McCarthy, Mrs. Tyler and Mrs. Oliver for planning this engaging morning and for our parent volunteers for helping out. We couldn't do it without you! Take a look at all of the FUN.